— Butler Koffee Team

Genevieve & Kane Wedding Solemnisation on 19 Apr 19’

Having Butler Koffee at our solemnisation event was the first time we ever engaged a mobile coffee cart, and it was one of the best and most fun decisions we made, both for ourselves and our guests. Being coffee lovers, we thought it would be really nice to have unlimited delicious coffee at our party! It was something we were really excited about prior to the day. Alicia and team did not disappoint, and were super warm throughout the event, chatting with our guests and needless to say the coffee was superb. I have had some friends who told me after that they had 4 cups in 3 hours! One of my favorite things was the customizable cups, which really gave such a nice and personal touch to the special day. We even managed to keep some unused cups as a memento. Would highly recommend Butler Koffee, for any sort of event that you’d wish to bring some joy to your guests, and I’d definitely have them again in future.

By Genevieve Leong 30 Apr 19’


Philips Conference Event on 08 & 09 Apr 19’

Had the pleasure of working with Alicia for an event. Not only were they professional, they were also very patient and friendly. And the coffee was very good as well!! Would I engage them again should the opportunity arise? In a heartbeat!

By Michael Surya 30 Apr 19’


The Future of Our Pasts event on Jan/Feb 19

Worked with Alicia and Jae for a series of 5 events. They were very professional and efficient from set-up to service, leaving us free to deal with other aspects of our events. Super easy to work with and friendly folks. Everyone loved their coffee as well, would definitely recommend others to engage them!

By Yap Zhiwen 24 Apr 19’


Circle Life - Staff Appreciation Event on 16 Apr 19’

Both the coffee and service is excellent!! Everybody in the office loved it and hoped that this would be a weekly event. 😅 Especially love the personalised cup and we will definitely engage Butler Koffee again for future events! ☺️

By Tan Sherting 22 Apr 19’


Ecolab - Staff Appreciation Event on 6 Mar 19’

Engaged them for a corporate event and everything was excellent and smooth sailing from start to finish - from the liaising with Alicia to the custom printed cups, and the full coffee service. They use fab quality beans, awesome flavour. Alicia’s knowledge and her passion for coffee is evident in every aspect!

By Lilian Lim 2 Apr 19’


Charles & Keith IWD Campaign on 08-10 Mar 19’

Alicia & Jae were simply a joy to work with! They were efficient with everything, from setting up the booth to serving the coffees. They even helped promote my event hashtag to the customers. 10/10 would recommend. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to my other colleagues to engage them for another corporate event!

By Jayne Chai 16 Mar 19’


Eyeota Corporate Event on 5 Mar 19’

Top notch service! The setup was pretty quick and the baristas were very independent and friendly. Will definitely engage with Butler again for any future events. 

By Au Joyi 15 Mar 19’


Deutsche Bank AG - Coffee Appreciation Workshop 23 Feb 19’

My colleagues and i had a great time attending the Basic Latte Art Workshop held by Butler Koffee. The workshop itself is very informative and fun. A well balanced of theory and practical on latte making, touching on brief outline of understanding on the differences of beverages, importance of milk texturing and understanding what makes a good cup of coffee/latte.

If you would like to know what goes on in your cup of coffee/latte, i would recommend to attend one of Butler Koffee’s workshop.

By Aliff Kurniawan 04 Mar 19’


Novartis Event 24 Aug 18'

Discovered Butler Koffee quite by accident through FB! Best find ever. Thank you Alicia for being such a joy to work with. You and Pegy injected lots of warmth to our site in the boondocks of Tuas today with your utterly delicious coffee and hot drinks! I can't quite believe we used up 30 large jugs of Meiji milk in a day... but yes, we did! Everyone simply loved today's Friday Fun Surprise so much, thank you for being part of it!

By Lily Tan 24 Aug 18'


Mr Tuning Grand Opening Event 18 Aug 18'

We recently used Alicia and her team at Butler for our rebranding launch. Having contacted several places, it was Alicia’s instant professionalism, friendliness and willingness to work with our requirements, that made us book. 
All correspondence was handled easily and quickly.
When they arrived at our corporate event to set up, it was with minimum fuss and maximum freshly brewed coffee smell! 
Our guests loved the coffee, loved the branded cups and loved the experience delivered by Alicia and Butler Koffee. 
I cannot recommend them highly enough and will most definitely use again, and again, and again!! 
Thank you 😊

By Kel Flanders 20 Aug 18'


NTU Event 15 Aug 18'

We had butler koffee over for a school event for 2 hours and we received many good feedback about her service and coffee. Alicia was also very prompt in communicating with me before and after the event. We loved the customised cups and i've tried the coffee too and it was great. If you need some coffee to perk you up at an event, butler coffee is definitely the way to go. We want to take this opportunity to thank Alicia again, for her wonderful service and travelling all the way to NTU with her coffee service set up. We can't wait to have her over at our school again!

By Joshua Ng  18 Aug 18'


Crimson Logic Corporate Event 27 Jul 18'

We were planning a corporate event and wanted to bring in a mobile coffee cart. The entire process of engaging Butler Koffee was easy and Alicia even personally reach out to us to ensure they met our needs. 

The setup of the mobile coffee cart was simple and do not require any large space and complicated equipment. During the event, the flow was smooth and the services rendered by Alicia and her two other barristers were fantastic. The selection of coffee and tea as well as the types of milk were plentiful to cater to different groups of people. 

The customised cups had wow-ed and impressed many people, and we also received so many good compliments that the coffee was good. We were worried that we might have too many cups left but that was not the case aa most people went for a second cup! It was really that good!

Overall, it had been fun to work with Alicia and her team. Thank you for being part of our event and for making it an enjoyable one for the people. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. �

By Willie Soh  27 Jul 18'


Singtel Staff Appreciation Day 09 Jul 18'

Having butlerkoffee for our monthly event to surprise our singtel colleagues at work is one of the best choice ever. Alicia is very friendly and prompt in responses. She is also very accommodating to our last minute requests. We received so much compliments from our colleagues. Butlerkoffee also serve hot chocolate and tea to the non-caffeine drinker, thus everyone is able to enjoy the perks of having a coffee cart in the office. Thank you Butlerkoffee and Alicia for making the surprise a success and happy afternoon to all our colleagues! We would love to have you back soon! �

By Chan Jueying  16 Jul 18'


Allen & Puiyee Wedding Lunch 7 Jul 18'

What can I say...engaging Butler Koffee was one of the best decisions made for our wedding reception at Alcove. Butler Koffee offers a wide range of coffee (tea and hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers) for guests to choose from. Our guests were so happy when they heard that there would be a coffee cart for our morning reception as it helped to keep them awake! During the reception, we received so many compliments from our guests on the coffee :) The aroma and quality of the coffee were superb!

Besides, Alicia was extremely prompt with her replies to our enquiries and was super friendly and caring - she made sure my husband and I had at least a cup of coffee when we were so busy with entertaining the guests and walking around for photos. Alicia and Peggie also came early for the set-up and they were super skilled and professional! 

I just want to say thank you once again for offering great coffee to our guests on our wedding day. Both of you made the event so memorable! ♥

By Yap Pui Yee  9 Jul 18'


Ben & Grace Wedding Lunch 11 Jun 18'

Thank you so much Alicia for accommodating our last minute order!!! You made the day of all our guests! :) One friend even commented that the greatest take-away from our wedding was Butler Koffee's business card :) Thank you for customising the menu such that even non-coffee drinkers like myself enjoyed cups of rich cold chocolate which is still in my tummy! Can't wait to meet you all at the next event! :)

By Grace Teo  10 June 18'


Gene & Jacqueline Wedding Lunch 12 May 18'

We had Butler Koffee come over for our wedding lunch reception in church last weekend, and they were exceptional! Alicia was really accommodating and made the whole process really easy, and she and all of the Butler Koffee guys were super patient with the orders (think complicated orders and people ordering for big groups at one time). The coffee of course, garnered raving reviews from everyone. I made sure to get a cup myself even as I was running about, and I was so glad I did. Nothing quite makes a morning wedding better than good coffee - and people who do it well. Thank you guys so much for everything : )

By Tzeshun Jacqueline Woo  18 May 18'


Aloysius & Karalyn Wedding Lunch 24 Mar 18'

Just had our wedding lunch on 24 Mar and Butler Koffee got raving reviews from my guests! Was initially worried that a coffee cart might not be as popular amongst the older generation, but Butler Koffee offers non-coffee options as well!

Many of the guests lamented that the coffee aroma greeted them as soon as the elevator doors open and that's quite a feat given that we got the furthest ballroom! Coffee was great and i would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of engaging them for their events!

Alicia was friendly, sincere and really easy to talk to; making the entire process pretty straightforward and hassle free! Service was great from both the baristas as well so kudos to Butler Koffee!

By SooBoon Ong 01 Apr 18'


Declan's Full Month Celebration 23 Dec 17'

Wow! No regrets engaging Butler Koffee for the full month celebration of our son. The coffee served were of high quality and all our guests, including myself truly enjoyed it. They were not only professional, but also very interactive and accommodating, even offered to help us with our photo taking.

By Christine Tan 29 Dec 17'


Google Events 13 Nov & 11 Dec 17'

Review - Google Event.jpg

Timothy & Chloe's Wedding Lunch 11 Nov 17'

Butler Koffee brings about a positive vibe, smiling faces and awesome beverages to whatever event you may require them for. The customized cups are also beautiful and tops it off perfectly! Thank you!

By Timothy Chen 18 Nov 17'


Cindy & WeiXiang's Wedding Reception 04 Nov 17'

Engaged Butler Koffee on my wedding reception on 4 Nov and never regretted. The price was affordable. My guests enjoyed the coffee provided, some even had 2. I have a weak gastric on coffee sold outside but it was not acidic at all and I loved the Mocha.

They provided free stamping of our wedding logo on the cups which made our event even more personalized. Alicia and her partner was patient, friendly and helpful. Thanks to Butler Koffee and team. Will strongly recommend your service to my friends in the future.

By Cindy Shinji Woon 16 Nov 17'


Matheus's Full Month Celebration 08 Sep 17'

Had Butler Koffee came over during my son's full month celebrations! Very professional demeanour with a can-do attitude and a passion to serve. Highly recommended for any kind of events. Coffee served was aromatic and all my guests enjoyed it. The younger ones get to enjoy hot chocolate as well. Very grateful for the customised cup stamping and creatively designed menu board.

Thank you, Alicia and Xavier, for giving my guests a refreshing start to the day!

By ShiChang Tan 21 Nov 17'


DBS Staff Appreciation Day 08 Aug 17'

We have engaged Butler Koffee for our 8/8 DBS Finance Staff Appreciation Day. A cup of nice coffee is the best gift to our staffs and butler koffee did it. Thank you once again and hope to see you in our future events :)

By Jieying Chua 21 Sep 17' https://www.facebook.com/pg/BUTLERKOFFEE/reviews/?ref=page_internal