— Butler Koffee Team

Ben & Grace Wedding Lunch 11 Jun 18'

Thank you so much Alicia for accommodating our last minute order!!! You made the day of all our guests! :) One friend even commented that the greatest take-away from our wedding was Butler Koffee's business card :) Thank you for customising the menu such that even non-coffee drinkers like myself enjoyed cups of rich cold chocolate which is still in my tummy! Can't wait to meet you all at the next event! :)

By Grace Teo  10 June 18'

Gene & Jacqueline Wedding Lunch 12 May 18'

We had Butler Koffee come over for our wedding lunch reception in church last weekend, and they were exceptional! Alicia was really accommodating and made the whole process really easy, and she and all of the Butler Koffee guys were super patient with the orders (think complicated orders and people ordering for big groups at one time). The coffee of course, garnered raving reviews from everyone. I made sure to get a cup myself even as I was running about, and I was so glad I did. Nothing quite makes a morning wedding better than good coffee - and people who do it well. Thank you guys so much for everything : )

By Tzeshun Jacqueline Woo  18 May 18'

Aloysius & Karalyn Wedding Lunch 24 Mar 18'

Just had our wedding lunch on 24 Mar and Butler Koffee got raving reviews from my guests! Was initially worried that a coffee cart might not be as popular amongst the older generation, but Butler Koffee offers non-coffee options as well!

Many of the guests lamented that the coffee aroma greeted them as soon as the elevator doors open and that's quite a feat given that we got the furthest ballroom! Coffee was great and i would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of engaging them for their events!

Alicia was friendly, sincere and really easy to talk to; making the entire process pretty straightforward and hassle free! Service was great from both the baristas as well so kudos to Butler Koffee!

By SooBoon Ong 01 Apr 18'

Declan's Full Month Celebration 23 Dec 17'

Wow! No regrets engaging Butler Koffee for the full month celebration of our son. The coffee served were of high quality and all our guests, including myself truly enjoyed it. They were not only professional, but also very interactive and accommodating, even offered to help us with our photo taking.

By Christine Tan 29 Dec 17'

Google Events 13 Nov & 11 Dec 17'

Review - Google Event.jpg

Timothy & Chloe's Wedding Lunch 11 Nov 17'

Butler Koffee brings about a positive vibe, smiling faces and awesome beverages to whatever event you may require them for. The customized cups are also beautiful and tops it off perfectly! Thank you!

By Timothy Chen 18 Nov 17'

Cindy & WeiXiang's Wedding Reception 04 Nov 17'

Engaged Butler Koffee on my wedding reception on 4 Nov and never regretted. The price was affordable. My guests enjoyed the coffee provided, some even had 2. I have a weak gastric on coffee sold outside but it was not acidic at all and I loved the Mocha.

They provided free stamping of our wedding logo on the cups which made our event even more personalized. Alicia and her partner was patient, friendly and helpful. Thanks to Butler Koffee and team. Will strongly recommend your service to my friends in the future.

By Cindy Shinji Woon 16 Nov 17'

Matheus's Full Month Celebration 08 Sep 17'

Had Butler Koffee came over during my son's full month celebrations! Very professional demeanour with a can-do attitude and a passion to serve. Highly recommended for any kind of events. Coffee served was aromatic and all my guests enjoyed it. The younger ones get to enjoy hot chocolate as well. Very grateful for the customised cup stamping and creatively designed menu board.

Thank you, Alicia and Xavier, for giving my guests a refreshing start to the day!

By ShiChang Tan 21 Nov 17'

DBS Staff Appreciation Day 08 Aug 17'

We have engaged Butler Koffee for our 8/8 DBS Finance Staff Appreciation Day. A cup of nice coffee is the best gift to our staffs and butler koffee did it. Thank you once again and hope to see you in our future events :)

By Jieying Chua 21 Sep 17'